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Bella Thorne Bikini Top in Nature of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.38.44 AM

Bella Thorne is on with nature – at least according to Bella Thorne who wrote “just busy being one with the earth” when she posted this picture…which must mean that she’s at one with nature….otherwise why would she say it…right?

It’s not like she’s some vapid commodity – that is marketing herself to be sold, bought, paid for a peddled..

It’s like all these older celebs you hear about – trying to get in touch with life, the world, earth…whatever hippie bullshit they spew…while living in a 30,000 square foot house on each coast and one in Hawaii where they ‘get away’…flying private – or driving their fleet of cars…to meetings where they negotiate million dollar deals…yes…getting in touch with nature you cunt…

Even her parents naming all the kids some hippie shit, like some commune van driving weirdos, still exploited them all to Hollywood…which isn’t very FLORDIA at all..

However, I will look at pics of her tongue out, tits out, legs out, because I’m more pathetic than any of them…but at least I’m not bullshitting about it..

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Crazy Girl Lindsay Lohan’s Bathing Suit Photo of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.10.43 AM

I wonder what sucker is financing Lindsay Lohan’s Yacht adventures, because you know it’s not her paying for shit. I am surprised she still has the celebrity power to command getting free everything, but I guess she is Lindsay Lohan and that’s something that stick with you for fucking life….but more importantly, I wonder what the motivation of her posing in these dramatic photos from her iphone..in bathing suits sucking in her gut…showing off her botox face…is it because of her love for the art, the love of being on camera…the love of performing…or is it all the narcissist knows…

I guess there is no sense when it comes to Lohan – because she’s crazy – but I’ll still follow her around because I’m old and nostalgic and convinced she’s perfect…and everyone else is just flawed…you know like how no one cared when her boyfriend beat her up…and just collectively felt she deserved it…that was amazing moment in feminism and this down with the patriarchy movement…of “well if bitch is crazy, maybe she needs to get beat”….fascinating social experiment this Lohan has been…

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Rihanna’s Concert Microphone Dick of the Day




Rihanna is getting fat…I guess the good life is catching up to her, all these women turn 25 and they can’t really escape their destined path of big girl. If you’ve been to Barbados, you’ll know that 1 in 1000 of the women are thin, the rest are big big and it would only make sense that the same fate happens for Rihanna….even though she was abducted from the island at 14 – to make this happen..

Watching her develop as a crazy rich and successful performer hasn’t been interesting, but she’s definitely gone way darker than her first candy-coated shit I remember…all these gutter tattoos and bad attitude…it’s got the point of her jerking off her mic like a dick…and I guess there’s a group of straight guys who like being raped by women who are loving this…thinking “Omg, I’d love her to strap that mic on and violate me until my prostate explodes”….we call those guys faggots…but I just find it weird…mainly because her audience is 12 year old girls…


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Lily James Not Naked Enough for Burberry of the Day


Lily James is a Downton Abbey actress….a show I’ve never seen, don’t want to see, but that is apparently a huge hit at the Old Folks homes…

I guess it was a good fit for British brand Burberry to use her in their campaign – that I guess targets rich older women who would watch the show…but keeping things edgy and fashion by stripping her down to her panties…something they apparently wear in the UK, despite what all the GLAMOUR models would lead you to believe…..

The pictures leave me wanting more spread eagle shots…but…I’m sure at least one of you, there is more than one of you out there, right…will appreciate it..and I do this for you baby…

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Chloe Grace Moretz’ Inner Thigh of the Day


Chloe Grace Moretz is built like a bit of a tank, all broad shouldered, small breasted, showing cleavage but more importantly showing her inner thigh, that I assumed was a panty pic, but that wasn’t a panty pic, because she’s not a slut like that…

I figure since she was a young child star in comic based movies, her fan base fucking loves seeing pics of her doing anything…from inner thigh they want to slowly lick up to the golden 18 year old pocket of sunshine and strawberries and cream….her honeypot….or more likely down to her feet…because comic book weirdos are scared of vagina, they’ve never seen them…but foot fetishes, they can do….


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Hilary Duff’s Ice Coffee Titty Fetish of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.13.58 AM

Hilary Duff is a new fetish to me…Older thick and muscular mom…all sturdy…who was once a hot teen actor…who I didn’t care about then…but all of a sudden find myself checking her social media once a week for at least a titty shot or butt shot….

And in being a new fetish, she’s given me a new fetish, and that’s coffee on the tits in a white shirt….my god…it’s perfect…like a hangover shit all over the white underwear that is her chest…with the sweet nutty smell of coffee…brilliant…

That’s all I have to say about that….I’m too busy taking it all in..

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.14.31 AM

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Margot Robbie Goes to Airports of the Day


Margot Robbie is being groomed to be the next Jennifer Lawrence. Hollywood creates these stars for a few reasons, the main one being filling movie seats, making money, and also being able to attach them to projects, increasing the budget, making everyone in the process more money..

Because she may look like a 100 dollar an hour to you, that’s what she looks like to me, maybe a 15 dollar a lap dance stripper….but the industry has said “people like her, people love her, so she’s worth 8 million dollars a movie”….so if their female lead is 8 million, the movie budget has just gone to 150 million, and the producer – who takes 20% off the top – just walked away with 30 million dollars…before production even stars…that’s just his fee…

And that is how the movie industry works….

So you want to be the Jennifer Lawrence, or the Margot Robbie, who gets chosen by the illuminati or some shit to be THE female lead…because motherfucker makes bank….

She even gets to go to AIRPORTS…something I guess all strippers get to do if they market themselves to the right sugar daddy client..


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Andreea Diaconu Slutty in the Forest for Vogue Paris of the Day


Andreea Diaconu is some new recruit from the evil empire that is Victoria’s Secret. She’s a model from Romania who you can assume Victoria’s Secret purchased off the black market, because the black market likes to use the tall skinny girls abducted for human trafficking, for fashion, the money is just more lucrative, and instead of making their 4 dollars a minute masturbating on webcam in some dungeon, they get paid 4000 dollars a day to shoot shitty catalog pictures I can’t even masturbate to because they photoshop out the nipples.

So she’s in Vogue Paris as part of the Victoria’s Secret “we use real models” advertising campaign….

But most interestingly she’s in the forest, alone in to forest, if you ignore all the behind the scenes people from camera people, make-up and hair, producers, etc etc etc that probably amount to 30 people in the fucking forest, that probably isn’t even a forest but rather a set….but that doesn’t take away from your creepy fetish of girl…alone in the forest…rapist…

It happens, the other week, I was told there was a nudist waterfall down this path in the woods from some crackhead and I figured, I’ll take it…in what felt like 4 hours of hiking, but was probably 3 minutes since I’m obese, I came across a girl all alone…in short shorts…and I thought “she’s lucky I’m not a rapist”…which made me think “am I a rapist for thinking that”….but concluded “it’s not me, it’s society for giving me anxiety and immediately thinking bad things could happen to a girl alone in the woods, because bad things happen to girls alone in the woods”….

It wasn’t an erection creating concept to me, I’m not into the whole rape and kill thing, but to you…this shit must be porn..

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Em Rat Cow Does Media of the Day


Em Rat Cow must feel like her relevance is dying hard…because in the last month, she’s called all her old friends and people she’s met along the way and convinced them to let her into their magazines, she’s gone this far – she’s made it this far – she’s got this much of an audience from getting naked in a music video and basically going viral (in more ways than one I am sure)….and she’s even got into movies…but she can’t be forgotten, she can’t be replaced by equally talented, often times better looking, probably not as good tits, because Em Rat Cow got some UDDERS, but more interesting, new, fresh…even Cindy Crawford’s husband likes new pussy…kind of thing…

So she’s on a rebrand, non nude rebrand…that is obviously a horrible idea – based on everything she is…but I guess it’s kind of working because people are publishing the pics…but it’s not working because I’m the only pervert lookin’ at them…and not liking them….just looking because putting a softcore pornstar in dresses on the beach makes no sense…there is no logic, I am so confused…where are her nipples…she knows she only matters cuz of her nipples right?

She needs better management, this is ridiculous…

Luckily – she curates her own bullshit account with actual smut…

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Ryan Newman’s Photoshoot of the Day


I am not sure why her face and tits look like they are a 35 year old Kardashian but I think it’s more a sign of the times.

She’s actually 18….and hr name is Ryan, something that luckily worked out for the parents…you know when you give your girl a dude’s name, you hope she doesn’t grow up to be a bull dyke and at naming time – you never really know where it’ll end up…

She is “Half Jewish, Half Christian, Mostly Jewish”…which is what you’d want any performing, acting, cheesy, auditioning, hollywood person to say…

She’s been in Disney bullshit, and Disney execs have probably been in her…

She’s been in Sharknado 3 and you can just go into IMDB…

I’m more into figuring out what at 18, she looks 35….is she lying about her age like Bella Thorne, pretending to be 18 because idiots believe thanks to laziness…

Are young girls prostituted by their parents, getting their periods young from the trauma of having their childhoods robbed of them…coupled with hormones in the food and parents doing plastic surgery procedures on them to get the part the reason…

Is it sun damage, the birth control pill, breast implants and BOTOX….so many questions for a bitch who is hardly on the radar, but who is posting unbuttoned shirt pics like a harlot…the way we like most 18 year olds to be – thanks to being raised on porn…

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Christa B Allen’s Push Up Bra Lie of the Day

christa (1)

christa (2)

Christa B Allen posts topless pics on instagram, but unlike instagram models she has IMDB and WIKIPEDIA so she must be important…

Let’s take a journey into who Christa B. Allen and why her attention seeking hipster style instagram pictures are more than just thirsty instagram modeling but rather brand support to her career…

She started this celebrity thing in 13 Going on 30 in 2004….a movie you probably jerked off to…but she’s probably most proud of being cast “Teenage Girl” in Youth in Revolt in 2009….

TAKE THAT INSTAGRAM MODELS…this girl is legit….

So she’s taken her social media from topless and free….on some festival girl who shops at Urban outfitters full of shit with her higher purpose garbage…to social activist where she showcases the struggles and lie that is the push up bra…

Don’t believe the lie people…it’ll make you mad when you get home from a bar and bitch has no tits but you thought she had tits and those tits are the only reason you brought her home – all due to Victoria’s LIES – they aren’t SECRETS – THEY ARE LIES…

I don’t know what kind of Social Justice this is…but keep up the showing off your cleavage and pretending it’s for a higher purpose – I like it..

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Jojo Booty Shot of the Day


Jojo is pulling what I call the Baboon…

Basically when a baboon is in heat, it’s vagina swells up and starts dripping…and it walks around waiting for a male to fuck the shit out of her…

Well Jojo, who was jailbait years ago – dropped out of the music scene to be with her black boyfriend or a series of black boyfriends…it’s how she spent her 20s….and I guess that her fanbase is other black guys who like a white girl that get down..EVEN THOUGH WE ARE ALL ONE RACE THE HUMAN RACE….black dudes and their big dicks need certain kinds of girls who can take said dick..

So here she is posting a butt shot…with the caption “excited for Atlanta tomorrow. Magic City anyone?”

It was accompanied by a peach emoji, so if that isn’t “I need me some ATLANTA NATIVE COCK HERE IS MY LOCATION AND MY DRIPPING ASS”…I don’t know what it is…but that’s probably because JOJO isn’t that famous…

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Nadine Velazquez is Subtle of the Day


Nadine Velazquez is pushing 40, let’s not call her out or mock her for using her tits to get some male attention.

She knows she’s fading and has a few hours left of sex appeal, something that we can assume she used to get an acting career in the first place…because it’s a competitive world out there…and girls are willing todo a lot of different things for the part…you know producers have all the power over these girls…like throwing raw meat at a bunch of hungry dogs…only they have more make-up, botox, fake tits, tight pants, short skirts, cleavage….but the hunger is the fucking same…now make that role for a hispanic in a white washed industry and bitch better watch out..

So let her have her cleavage…it’s what she’s got left…and let us stare, it’s what she would
want us to…it’s what the old her probably got paid to do…


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YesJulz Tits of the Day


YesJulz is actually named Julieanna Goddard. She’s let social media get to her big head – after moving down to Miami from wherever to become a club promoter, VIP room worker, shameless self promoter….and I guess in attempting to next level the career, despite having scammed countless deals from countless brands as the self-proclaimed “queen of snapchat” making that money – but not getting anywhere bigger with her big ass….she wants to be a Kardashian, she wants your validation, she wants to be the actual biggest deal, not the biggest deal because she forces it down throats…

So she released a sex tape…that sucked and made her less attractive than when I already thought was unattractive to begin with…but that black dudes liked because it was white and they were drunk….you know, because she’s a boss not a slut…until being a slut is more lucrative…


And today…I came across the tit pics…it’s like put your clothes on girl and be a marketing exec, getting those marketing dollars, with self respect…this putting your tits out there cuz you want your tits out there is just fucking bottom feeding and a bad influence on the idiot kids who must follow her…irresponsible…we don’t need another Kardashian…put some damn clothes on…

Don’t worry, it’s not her fault…she’s adopted…

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Fuck me Boots in Beverly Hills of the Day

I wonder if this is Jenna Dewan-Tatum in the remake of Pretty Woman, you know since they remake every fucking movie, instead of encouraging retard kids to just watch the goddamn original, and investing their money in making new movies….assholes..

Or maybe Jenna Dewan-Tatum is just living like Julia Roberts, average level hotness, but in fuck me boots, looking good enough to fuck, not to mention she landed the “hottest guy in hollywood”…who’s agent once told me he’d show up to their house and he’d answer the door totally naked…and try to have a naked dance party….and this is the girl he married….clearly into naked dance parties…as long as the guys have money…

She, like Channing, is a pro dancer, which means a great fuck and as we know there are only two real jobs for pro dancers and that’s stripping or Hollywood, I like to think she did a bit of both…

She was a “back-up dancer” who’s backup was dirty dancing – and now she’s an actor…and mom…having been married for 7 years…and I guess she looks good enough



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